dnbT #069 is here!

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The one before the last one has arrived to the internet! DNB TALES 69 is here and you are welcome to join us on iTunes, Google Play, MixCloud, etc.

dnbT 68 is here!

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68th episode has arrived! Go check it out right now!

MixCloud Select

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MixCloud SELECTed us to participate in their support program.

dnbT #067 just arrived!

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67th episode is here for you! Check it out on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, MixCloud and other populat podcasting platforms!

New single has arrived!

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Amazing news, guys! We've released a brand new single since the last year's Oi!
It is a very sensitive tune with amazing vocals from our friend Roxie.

dnbT #066 is here!

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66th episode of DNB TALES is uploaded to every single digital podcast platform!
Choose your favorite and start listening right now!

dnbT #065 is here!

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So, the new episode is DNB TALES already uloaded to every single podcast platform!

DNB TALES is growing!

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DNB TALES is growing fast! After three years of hard work we are glad to inform you about very important stuff!

dnbT #064 is here!

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DNB TALES #064 has arrived to all digital podcasting platforms. Check it out right now!


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We started patreon page. Check it out for more information!