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So, this is it! The final episode of the 2019 is finally here!

Dear listeners! Here is the main epsiode of dnbT! The best drum and bass music gathered during this year! You can listen to it right now! Choose your favorite podcasting platform and go ahead!

It's been a wonderful year. We've recorded plenty of tracks and finished two full seasons of our radio show. And during every single moment - you were tehre for us! We know, that our community is still at the very start of forming itself. But there are a lot of people, who support us in every aspect! Thank you very much! Also we would like to announce, that next year we are going BIG and we need your help and support more than ever! And the least you can do is just listen to our podcasts and our own music on digital platforms! Of course you can share our work with your friends and relatives. It will help to grow further for and astounding amount of numbers! Feel free to contact us any hour, any day. We are open to everyone. And if you have any ideas for us - tell us here or anywhere else. We will gladly consider them and will build the project further together!

Thank you very much! We love you and wish you happy holidays!
Stay safe and listen to good music!

With love - Alex & Andrew.